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  • The Effects of THC-O and Sexual Enhancement

    It is not uncommon for a woman to experience times in her life when her libido levels are low. There are multiple causes of low libido, and some are more difficult to control or fix than others. Reasons for low libido in women can be attributed to relationship issues, stress, fatigue, illness, certain medications, negative body image, or even unhealthy lifestyle choices.
  • THC-O for Creativity

    Consumers claim that THC-O is a wonderful creativity enhancer for pastimes and professions that require writing, reading, music composition, and painting or drawing. THC-O is said to enable creativity because of its reported capacity to intensify self-reflection.
  • Shopping for Quality THC-O Products

    Learn about THC-O products and the benefits they offer. Make sure you purchase your products from a reputable retailer to ensure you're getting the highest quality product.

  • “Set” and “Setting” for Your THC-O Experience

    THC-O is incredibly new to the alternative cannabinoid market and as a result, there is still ongoing research regarding how it works and its overall effects. There are many factors that contribute to a consumer’s THC-O experience, set and setting being 2 of the most important.
  • THCa vs THC-O

    Most cannabis enthusiasts are very familiar with THC or “Delta 9”, as it is typically the key component consumers focus on when choosing cannabis products. The formal name for THC is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and it is the cannabinoid best known for its mind-altering effects.
  • THC-O vs. HHC

    THC-O is said to produce similar effects to HHC, but with an intensified strength. HHC is often compared to having the same mellow and calming effects as Delta 9 THC, while THC-O is said to be 3x more potent than Delta 9 and is commonly linked to feelings of euphoria and creativity.
  • THC-O: Vaping vs. Gummies

    A major benefit of vaping THC-O is the consumer’s ability to tailor their dosage, due to the more imminent effects of vaping. 
  • THC-O Product Benefits and Cautions

    THC-O is fast-acting, effective, and federally legal. Due to this material being new to the market, there is still ongoing research being executed to fully understand its relationship to cannabinoid receptors and the impact it has on the functions of the body. Fortunately, we do know there are specific benefits that have been frequently reported by consumers and industry experts.
  • How Cannabinoids Affect The Body

    Cannabinoids have a variety of medical benefits. CBD has been known to effectively support the treatment of certain conditions; including chronic pain, anxiety, and epilepsy. Cannabinoids may also aid in the treatment of other physical conditions, such as nausea and vomiting, glaucoma, and Crohn's disease.
  • 5 Facts About THC-O

    THC-O was actually discovered in 1949: The US military began studying the effects of THC-O as far back as 1949, but the material didn't appear on the public's radar until nearly 30 years later.
    THC-O is Hemp-Derived, but is a Synthetic Compound: THC-O is made from natural, hemp-derived cannabinoids using a well-established process.
    THC-O is said to be 3x more potent than Delta-9 THC: It has been referred to as "the psychedelic cannabinoid" for its powerful euphoric effects.
    THC-O cannot be made at home: The process of delivering and producing THC-O cannabinoids require special equipment and advanced training.
  • What is THC-O?

    What is THC-O? Rudimentary research on the effects of THC-O goes back as far as 1949, but the material did not gain mass popularity until mid-2021. Since the Farm Bill was introduced in 2018 (legalizing hemp at the federal level), there have been continuous breakthroughs in the cannabis industry which have resulted in new, “alternative” THC products being released. One of these emerging compounds is THC-O Acetate, commonly referred to simply as “THC-O”