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The Effects of THC-O and Sexual Enhancement

According to studies, both men and women have reported that the use of Delta-9 THC has enhanced their sexual experiences, due to heightened sensitivity and increased libido after consumption. Because Delta-9 THC is illegal in many states and difficult to obtain in the states where it is medically legal, many consumers are turning to alternative cannabinoids like THC-O and Delta 8 to experience similar effects.

Because the THC-O compound has a very similar structure to that of Delta-9 THC, it is said to bind to the body’s cannabinoid receptors in a comparable fashion, inducing similar effects. Frequent consumers have reported experiencing an overall increase in sex drive and more satisfying orgasms after consumption.

THC-O and Sexual Enhancement for Women

It is not uncommon for a woman to experience times in her life when her libido levels are low. There are multiple causes of low libido, and some are more difficult to control or fix than others. Reasons for low libido in women can be attributed to relationship issues, stress, fatigue, illness, certain medications, negative body image, or even unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Low libido can plague even the most loving relationships, triggering negative sexual experiences, low self-esteem, and distress.

Female consumers of alternative cannabinoids like THC-O have reported that incorporating these types of products into their sex life increased their arousal and sensitivity levels and contributed to a greater sense of sexual satisfaction.

When taken in small or micro doses, products like THC-O can support feelings of elation and promote physical sensitivity – 2 key elements necessary for most women to achieve an orgasm. Although there is currently not sufficient enough research to shed light on why the use of alternative cannabinoid products are said to increase sexual desire, many reports have concluded that it may be a result of the reduction of anxiety. THC-O is reported to target and relax areas of the brain that are known to activate stress and fatigue, which are major factors that contribute to high anxiety, self-consciousness, and subsequently low libido.

THC-O and Sexual Enhancement for Men

There has been mixed feedback regarding the effects of cannabinoids on men’s libido and sexual experience, as compared to the mainly positive response from women. Alternative cannabinoid products, such as THC-O, have been linked to delayed or unachievable male orgasms. Although the same euphoric and relaxing effects have been said to promote an enhanced sexual experience for men as it does for women, it is critical for men to focus on consuming small doses to reach peak experience and performance. Consumed in small and accurate measures, some holistic doctors have even prescribed the use of traditional THC (Delta-9) as a natural alternative to the over-hyped pharma drug, “Viagra”.

Good Things Come in Small Doses

Whether you are a woman or a man looking to enhance your next sexual encounter with a little help from THC-O (or another alternative cannabinoid), be sure to start off with a very small dose and work your way up from there. A little THC-O goes a long way, and it is important to find the level that works best for you to have the most pleasurable experience possible.

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