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THC-O for Creativity

What is the true definition of creativity? Creativity is the shift in one’s mindset to allow new ideas and possibilities that often result in invention, problem solving, and increased imagination.

There are three main types of creativity; Combination Creativity, Exploratory Creativity, and Transformational Creativity. Combination Creativity refers to the concept of generating original ideas through the connection and combination of old and new ideas. 

Exploratory Creativity is exploring beyond what you already know to achieve peak idea generation. In order to achieve true Exploratory Creativity, a person must release all control and allow for the unexpected to take place. This will encourage new ideas to arise in the brain. 

Transformational Creativity is very complex; it is the belief of assuming that an idea you have in your head is wrong and then exploring the possibilities that come with accepting this and disproving your original theory or thought. 

This type of creativity has led to countless award-winning scientific and medical discoveries. In this article, we will explore how THC-O can be used to support and boost all 3 types of creativity.

How does THC-O increase creativity?

According to studies, alternative cannabinoids, such as THC-O, have been said to increase cerebral blood flow (CBF) to the prefrontal cortex of the brain (PFC). This area of the brain is known for controlling cognitive skills in humans such as problem solving, creativity, memory, and emotional expression. 

The PFC is known to be the “control center” for our ability to outwardly communicate. Over the years, many Scientists have had an interest in the electrifying connection between cannabinoids and creativity, but it wasn’t until 2018 that there was actual evidence of this connection. 

THC-O is often referred to as a “psychedelic cannabinoid”,  due to its reported euphoric effects. These effects have been said to support the area of the brain that enhances creativity. 

Every day stress and exhaustion can cause what some describe as a “creative slump”, which can have a negative impact on our jobs, hobbies, and even personal relationships. 

Some consumers say they take THC-O to help perceive their own thoughts from a different perspective, leading to innovative ideas and new creations.

Finding the perfect balance for creativity

THC-O is still an emerging material in the cannabinoid market, therefore there is still a lot of research that needs to be done to understand its potency and long & short term effects.

Like any cannabinoid, in order to prevent feelings of fogginess or grogginess, it is recommended to start with a micro (very small) dose and work your way up until you reach your level of desired creativity and focus. 

Consumers claim that THC-O is a wonderful creativity enhancer for pastimes and professions that require writing, reading, music composition, and painting or drawing. THC-O is said to enable creativity because of its reported capacity to intensify self-reflection. 

Individuals who are looking for a more spiritual experience can also take advantage of the reported benefits of THC-O when partaking in safe outdoor activities like nature walks, as it has been said to help consumers feel more connected to nature and others around them.

Whether you are looking to purchase THC-O products, or other like-cannabinoids, as a way to promote creativity for an impending project or simply for your favorite hobby, remember to start off small and work your way up to your preferred level of desired support.

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