WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Benefits of Vaping THC-O

If you are familiar with hemp-derived products, you may be aware that there are many ways to consume cannabinoids, and a vast range of products on the market to choose from. Fortunately, because there are so many products out there, consumers are able to select the type of product that best suits their personal needs. On the flipside, it can be overwhelming for individuals who are new to alternative cannabinoid products like THC-O. Since there are so many ways to consume THC-O, why choose vaping? If you are searching for the strongest intake method with the fastest impact, then vaping is likely the best choice for you. 

Vaping THC-O & Outcome on The Physical Body

Vaping has become one of the most popular ways to consume THC-O for a

variety of reasons. If your primary objective for using THC-O is to support the relief of physical pain caused by inflammation, vaping is said to provide rapid feelings of relief. This is due to how the THC-O material interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the body. When a person vapes THC-O, it enters the body and travels directly to the lungs, where it is absorbed into the blood stream. This quick absorption process is referred to as a high rate of “bioavailability”. According to research, on average it takes about 20 minutes for the circulatory system to carry molecules of compounds like Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 THC, and THC-O to each cannabinoid receptor area in the body (including the brain). This is a result of the compound’s molecules passing through the blood-brain barrier and being recognized by the body as similar to the brain chemical called anandamide. THC-O has a very similar chemical structure as the naturally occurring compound called anandamide. The function of anandamide is to bind and activate CB1 receptor; these receptors mediate the psychotropic effects of THC-O. The result of THC-O binding with CB1 receptors is the reported modification of feelings of physical pain caused by indirectly increasing opioid receptor activation.

Vaping THC-O for Consistency and Convenience

Vaping is widely thought to be the most efficient method of consuming hemp-derived products like THC-O. Vaping alternative cannabinoids like THC-O will allow the consumer to have better control over the amount of the material they take in. It is easier to start small and gauge the amount up slowly when vaping THC-O, due to effects being almost immediate. Other methods of consumption, such as ingestion, will have a lag in absorption time. This can cause the consumer to be unaware of how the initial dosage will effect them, or become impatient and consume additional product, potentially yielding a very overwhelming and unpleasant experience. When vaping THC-O, it is recommended to inhale slowly and gradually until you reach your desired level of support. THC-O vape cartridges tend to be very small, specifically designed for on-the-go convenience and discretion. If you don’t want to worry about re-charging the 510 battery for your vape pen, there are a wide range of disposable THC-O products on the market that come pre-charged for immediate use.

Shop Quality Products

Because THC-O is fairly new to the market, there are currently little to no regulations in regard to the potency and purity of a THC-O product. All THC-O vape products are not manufactured equally. To make sure you are buying from a top-quality brand, look for products that are made from “USA Grown Hemp”, and are manufactured in the US. Look for ingredients found in nature (like terpenes, industrial hemp, etc.). Vaprzon only sells THC-O products that are manufactured in the US (Florida), made from USA Grown Hemp, and only ever flavored with all-natural terpenes.

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