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THC-O For Sleep Support

Sleep is essential for a person’s health and wellbeing; it is the single most vital tool for maintaining peak mental and physical health. Although we are educated on the importance of sleep, millions of people are still not catching enough Z’s per night. As a result, sleeping disorders are increasing at a rapid rate, particularly throughout the US. Thus using THC-O for sleep support could be helpful self-regulating your sleep patterns.

According to studies, on average, 40 million Americans suffer from up to 70 different sleep disorders; many of these disorders go undiagnosed and untreated. There are multiple factors that contribute directly and indirectly to sleep issues; including insomnia, elevated cardiovascular risks, physical environment, and emotional disorders (i.e. depression, obesity, stress and overuse of alcohol & drugs). 

Particularly in the US, career and lifestyle can play a huge part in the rise of sleep deprivation issues, due to high levels of stress and lack of work-life balance commonly seen in US work culture.  

Duration of sleep needed varies from person to person, but on average, adults require between 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep per night. During a good night’s sleep, your body produces proteins called cytokines that have immune-boosting effects and act as a form of fuel for your white blood cells. 

How Does Sleep Affect The Body?

As a result, sleep is critical for your body to fight off free radicals found in bacteria and viruses. Sleep also plays a major role in the body’s restorative functions; such as muscle repair, protein synthesis, tissue growth and hormone release. We live in a society where high levels of cortisol are becoming increasingly common. 

Experts believe this to be, in part, due to advancements in technology, the current state of economical flux, and pandemic-induced stress. If an individual retains high cortisol levels over a long period of time, it may cause a negative impact on physical health. Ailments such as systemic inflammation and hormonal imbalances have been linked to high levels of cortisol. 

When we begin to fall asleep, our cortisol levels fall and melatonin is released, which is a hormone essential for the regulation of sleep-wake cycles. Lack of sleep impacts your body’s restorative abilities, and as a result, impacts your overall mood triggering irritability and stress. 

Many consumers are interested in purchasing THC-O because of its link to feelings of euphoria and relaxation. Because the THC-O compound is produced from hemp-derived cannabinoids, it has many of the same beneficial properties found in CBD; like stress-relief and sleep enhancement. 


Cannabinoids and alternative cannabinoid products are widely accepted in the US as a form of sleep support. A recent poll done on the use of cannabinoids showed that consumers were reducing or even replacing their alcoholic consumption with cannabinoid-based products during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Using THC For Sleep Support

Because of its recent emergence, there is still very little evidence on the intricate properties of THC-O, but it is understood that THC-O is closely related to and representative of the Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC compounds that consumers more regularly use as a form of sleep support to aid with insomnia issues. 

We also know that THC-O has an even more powerful effect on the CB1 receptors in the nervous system than Delta 8 or Delta 9 THC, therefore offering an even greater result for individuals suffering from sleep issues. Although THC-O may be a beneficial tool to support your sleep cycle, there are a few factors to take into consideration before trying it out. Finding the correct dosage for your own mind and body is a critical component to the success of using THC-O for sleep support.

Always start off with a very small or “micro” dose of your THC-O product and adjust up as needed. This will ensure that you do not overdo it and ruin your experience. Too much THC-O can potentially have a negative impact on your sleep experience. Be sure to select the right type of strain to support a good night’s rest. Always go for an “Indica” if you are looking to wind down. The Indica strain of hemp is known as the “nighttime strain”, boasting relaxing and soothing properties. 

As always, the most important factor to consider when selecting a THC-O product for sleep support, is to make sure you are purchasing a quality product. For THC-O + Delta 8 products made from USA-grown hemp and flavored with all-natural terpenes, shop Vaprzon’s selection of vape cartridges, kits + 2ml disposables with delta 8.

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