WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Premium CBD Vape Juice

Vaprzon offers a wide variety of exceptional CBD vape products designed to suit every taste and lifestyle. From bright, citrusy flavors that pack a punch, to mellow, herbaceous notes that soothe the body and soul, these CBD vapes will meet your highest expectations. Check out our assortment of CBD vape products and stock up!

Halo CBD Isolate Vape

In the past decade, Halo has provided premium quality vape liquids to customers all over the world. The loyalty of Halo customers is the brand’s greatest endorsement, and their newest products – CBD vape – are manufactured with the same commitment to excellence. Every Halo product is produced in the U.S., using United States Pharmacopeia-approved ingredients. For a truly great CBD vape, Halo always delivers.

SPIRO Full-Spectrum CBD Vape

Now you can vape SPIRO's proprietary full-spectrum CBD hemp formula on any device of your choice.
CBD is absorbed into the body most quickly and effectively when vaped. The full-spectrum hemp formula in SPIRO's products has the highest level of active ingredients on the market, providing a CBD vaping experience unlike any other. Give it a try and see for yourself!

Raw: Feed your soul with the soothing flavor and aroma of SPIRO Raw. With every breath, the sweetness and herbal flavor will leave you calm and relaxed.
Mint: Your body and spirit will be calmed by this smooth, sweet taste as you unwind after a trying day. Soothe your soul and relax your senses.
Citrus: Let SPIRO Citrus take you along on a journey of flavor. A tangy, bright, sweet citrus blend to refresh your senses at any time.
Full Spectrum: With Full-Spectrum, you get the full complement of cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant lipids in every breath.

SYNC CBD Isolate Vape

Discover the distinct difference of CBD Isolate vape juice suffused with these mouthwatering vape shop-style flavors and aromas. Choose from a variety of exciting flavors, including Lemon Tart, Melon Berry, or Purple Haze. The delicious flavors of this juice made in America will take your breath away. The flavors are prepared with milligram CBD strengths so you can achieve the experience you want. Enjoy a convenient delivery of CBD Isolate vape juice with SYNC in your favorite tank or device. Let your mood soar with SYNC!

Lemon Tart: Who doesn't enjoy the delicate, smooth taste of creamy lemon custard encased in a buttery pastry crust? This decadent CBD vape delivers the aroma and experience of a favorite dessert -- let the citrusy punch relax your senses and soothe your mood.
Melon Berry: Savor the sweetness of strawberries mixed with juicy, ripe watermelons that will sweep you off your feet with its bright, sumptuous taste. SYNC your teeth into this mouthwatering CBD vape!
Purple Haze: Smooth grapes and lychee fruit combine with a drizzle of fresh lemonade to create a refreshingly sweet and tangy vape. Indulge in Purple Haze's tropical-citrus experience.

Happy Hour Full-Spectrum CBD Vape

Unwind at the end of the day with a Happy Hour treat. Enjoy great times with friends as you enjoy the best full-spectrum CBD in amazing flavor mixes. With lovingly crafted CBD oil using potent hemp plants grown in the Colorado river valleys, Happy Hour produces a full-spectrum CBD vape that delivers a thoroughly transcendent experience.

Daily Grind Broad-Spectrum CBD Vape

The Daily Grind brews a robust, freshly roasted coffee-flavored CBD for those of us who believe that a bad day with coffee beats a good day without it. This CBD vape delivers the fresh coffee aroma you love without the bitter, harsh taste of a bad brew. Take pleasure in the full, rich flavor of perfectly roasted coffee, made responsibly and sustainably.

Lucid Broad-Spectrum CBD Vape

For a great night's sleep, you need a supplement that works quickly and leaves you feeling rested and bright in the morning. CBD enthusiasts prefer the fast-acting power of Lucid Broad-Spectrum CBD vape over most edibles and tinctures. Using an innovative extraction process from the highest quality hemp plants in the U.S., Lucid delivers an effective CBD vape that promises the relaxing sensation you want from a CBD product.

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