WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Indulge in a cloud of soothing flavor-filled vapor. Enjoy the fruity punch of our CBD edibles. Boost your performance with CBD supplements. At Vaprzon, we're fully dedicated to offering the very best CBD information on the market. 

What is CBD?

CBD is the initialism of cannabidiol. This is a compound extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant, also known as marijuana or hemp. This compound is entirely natural, and it is believed to offer a multitude of wellness benefits, including stress relief, mood enhancement, anti-inflammatory properties, pain relief, and much more. While some people might be wary of using a product derived from hemp, there are no psychoactive effects in CBD.

CBD Vape Juice: If you want to quickly reap the benefits of CBD, CBD e-liquids are an excellent choice. When inhaled, CBD e-liquid provides the user with an incredibly enjoyable way to blend the benefits of high-grade CBD with refreshing bursts of flavor. While we no longer offer CBD vape juice, we do offer the Triton II Starter kit, 5120-thread 700mAh batteries, tanks and coils, which are perfect for vaping both nicotine and CBD e-liquid.

CBD Edibles: If you prefer to consume your CBD as an edible, you should look into CBD-infused chews, gummies, and oral mist. You can enjoy CBD's numerous benefits however you want! 

CBD Supplements: Wellness products combine the diverse benefits of CBD with nutritional powerhouse protein powders. 

CBD Disposables: CBD disposables combine the ease of e-cigarettes with the benefits of instant CBD bioavailability. 

Vaping CBD E-liquid

CBD e-liquid is an effective and efficient way to deliver mood-boosting compounds. Besides experiencing the benefits associated with using high-grade CBD, you also get to enjoy some delicious flavors. 

Among the most attractive aspects of vaping CBD is that you can experience its effects very quickly. When you vape CBD, the complex compounds are not digested but introduced directly into the body. Vaping provides superior bioavailability, and our CBD products combine this convenience with delicious flavors.


Any consumable product must be safe. There are no exceptions to the requirement for third-party testing for CBD products, whether they are CBD tinctures, CBD topicals, or CBD vapes. Internal quality regulation is a requirement for consumers, and it demonstrates that a product has been manufactured under strict standards.

ISO-certified third-party laboratories should thoroughly test all CBD products. This guarantees all products are free from impurities like pesticides, heavy metals, dangerous chemicals, or any sort of contaminants. You should ensure the tests are recent and from a reputable lab.