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THC-O: Vaping vs. Gummies

Vape x Gummies

Since the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 legalized hemp-derived cannabidiol (known as “CBD”), the market has become flooded with new alternative cannabinoid products. If you are already a consumer or you have an interest in trying these types of products, it is easy to find yourself becoming quickly overwhelmed by the countless materials and product options out there. Understanding different product types and how each can drastically alter its effective dosage is the first step in finding the best fit for you.

Effects and Bioavailability

If you are interested in THC-O products and searching for an intake method with the strongest bioavailability and the fastest degree of impact, a THC-O vape cartridge is most likely the best option for you.

Vaping THC-O will deliver the concentrated material to your lungs, passing it directly into your bloodstream and onto your brain, where you will feel its effects within just a few seconds or minutes. The full effects of vaping THC-O can peak within 30 minutes and can last up to 6 hours after inhalation.

Some residual effects can even last up to 12-24 hours. Ingesting THC-O via an edible or a gummy is a much slower process because it must first travel to your stomach, then onto your liver before reaching your bloodstream and brain.

Due to this multi-step ingestion process, you will usually not feel effects for at least 30 minutes, and it can take up to nearly 4 hours to experience peak results.

Consistency & Strength

A major benefit of vaping THC-O is the consumer’s ability to tailor their dosage, due to the more imminent effects of vaping. When THC-O is vaped, the consumer is able to administer the material gradually to get to their desired level of effects. 

High-quality products and reliable hardware will deliver consistent results based on intake. The amount of THC-O found in a gummy does not always have the same effect as that same amount in a vapable oil, due to the “first-pass effect” of edibles. The first pass effect is when the concentration of THC-O is reduced during the process of absorption, due to metabolizing that takes place in the liver.

Flavor and Taste

Many vapable THC-O and Delta 8 products tend to have a “cannabis-like” taste. If you are looking for a flavor experience that masks the herbal taste typically associated with these types of products, gummies, and other edibles are a great way to go. You can also opt for a vape product flavored with natural terpenes derived from fruit, like:

Formulated from fruit-based terpene blends, bold fruity flavors can offset that earthy cannabinoid taste, while still delivering the same effects and benefits of the THC-O.

Convenience & Lifestyle Considerations

Discretion may be an important factor for consumers who are newer to the alternative cannabinoid market. In this case, gummies and other edible products may be the best option. If discretion is not an area of concern, THC-O vape pens are a convenient pocket-sized option with more immediate on-the-go results.

If you are someone who watches your caloric intake, vaping may be a more appealing choice, as vaping is not associated with any sugars or carbs. When choosing between THC-O vape or gummies, consider your objectives to determine which option is right for you.

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