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THC-O Product Benefits and Cautions

THC-O Benefits & Cautions

What makes THC-O a popular alternative cannabinoid?

THC-O is one of the latest up-and-coming alternative cannabinoids to hit the market and according to research, it is said to be roughly 3 times more potent than “regular” THC (Delta-9). Hemp enthusiasts are referring to THC-O as the “spiritual cannabinoid” because of its impressive and unique “psychoactive” properties. A major standout of THC-O is that it is currently federally legal and carries similar benefits and effects to Delta-9 THC, unlike many other cannabinoids out there. 

What are the benefits of taking THC-O?

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THC-O is fast-acting, effective, and federally legal. Due to this material being new to the market, there is still ongoing research being executed to fully understand its relationship to cannabinoid receptors and the impact it has on the functions of the body. Fortunately, we do know there are specific benefits that have been frequently reported by consumers and industry experts. Creativity enhancement has been one of the most noticeable effects according to consumers.


This is because of how THC-O works on cannabinoid receptors in the brain. It targets areas of the brain that are usually under active from stress and mental fatigue and as a result, THC-O can help to allow consumers to perceive things from a new angle or viewpoint.

This is especially beneficial to those who are engaged in creative projects at work or enjoy hobbies like painting and writing. The hype that THC-O has caused among alternative cannabinoid consumers can be attributed to the psychedelic experience it produces. It has been said that the experience of vaping or consuming THC-O goes beyond the typical effects associated with THC (Delta-9), making it an extremely unique alternative cannabinoid.

As a result, THC-O can promote temporary effects on our conscious state that allows for thought patterns to flow more freely. The process has been described as “inspiring” by many, due to the feeling of “expansion” of the user's mind and concept of reality. Consumers report feelings of oneness with the world, a sense of comfort, and connection with others. THC-O may be a useful alternative material for individuals who partake in spiritual practices like yoga or meditation.

Should I take when purchasing THC-O?

Be sure to purchase your THC-O product from a reliable source.

The alternative cannabinoid market is still a relatively unregulated space, which can, unfortunately, result in the sale of lower quality products that could potentially pose significant health risks.

Be sure to purchase a product that uses hemp-derived THC-O cannabinoids from US-grown hemp.

Another thing to look for on your product’s label is the word “natural” anywhere “terpenes” are listed. Any supplemental terpenes should be naturally sourced from fruits, herbs, and plant life.

It should be noted that THC-O has a very similar chemical make-up as Delta-9 THC. These compounds cause the production of “THC-COOH” in the body, which will increase your chance of “popping positive” for THC if a drug test is administered.

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