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Collection: Wellness

At Vaprzon, we provide a diverse assortment of CBD wellness products that empower customers with the benefits of CBD in edible and topical form. Every product featured on Vaprzon is engineered with the finest quality, non-GMO terpene-rich hemp extracts grown and produced in the United States. Every manufacturer we feature has been vetted for transparency and quality standards, and we provide purity lab test results to further guarantee the integrity of our products. We only offer products we would use ourselves, period.

We offer a curated list of items that accommodate every lifestyle, goal, and budget. Whether you prefer fruity gummy edibles, high-octane protein powders, or topical solutions that provide targeted relief, we've got you covered.

Here is a breakdown of some of our most popular CBD wellness products.

CBD Supplements

If you want to optimize your fitness routine, Vaprzon offers CBD supplements that enhance your workouts while providing the reinforcement you need to recover effectively.

Boost your performance with HX3 CBD Whey Protein Powder. This plant-based protein helps with developing a healthy muscle structure. Besides supporting better recovery, broad-spectrum cannabinoids can also reduce inflammation, which generates most discomfort after workouts. As a pre-workout supplement, it nourishes the body with vital support for increased performance. As a post-workout supplement, it is used for a faster and easier recovery. By offering superior flavor and CBD potency you can rely on, HX3 is fast becoming the go-to brand for all fitness buffs.

If you're looking for a vegan option, look no further than HX3 CBD Pea Protein Powder. Plant-based pea protein is naturally vegan and helps support and maintain healthy muscles. It is also a great source of iron. Get the benefits of broad-spectrum cannabinoids in delicious protein shakes. Sports-related pain can be reduced rapidly by using quality hemp extract supplements. During and after a workout, it provides the body with vital fuel for enhanced performance and faster and more pleasant recovery. It delivers superior flavor with CBD potency and consistency that you can trust, making HX3 the premier CBD brand for the fitness community.

CBD Creams

The CBD-infused topical cream from SPIRO provides soothing relief to muscles, joints, and other targeted areas. For fast-acting results, you can apply topically applied CBD to specific body parts. We formulate our Full Spectrum CBD lotions with high-quality ingredients and extract them directly from hemp grown in Colorado. We make sure that our CBD products contain no THC whatsoever.

For fast cooling relief, try HX3 Cooling CBD Cream. This cooling cream provides relief at the source. It absorbs completely in seconds without leaving a filmy residue or unpleasant medicinal odor. Get this superior quality CBD product grown in the USA that reduces muscle cramps and joint pain.

CBD Oral Mist

Spritz your CBD for a fast-acting release! SPIRO Oral Mist provides moisturizing and soothing freshness. Eliminate the uncomfortable feeling of dry mouth with all-natural, plant-based bacteria fighters and a pop of fresh flavor. Get the benefits of CBD for improved oral health without overwhelming or unpleasant taste. It easily fits into a purse, pouch, pocket, or backpack to ensure a clean feeling all day, every day!

CBD Gummies

HX3 CBD products are rapidly gaining popularity as the preferred CBD brand for active people. The HX3 brand understands that what is put into products is as important as what is left out. Every delicious Performance Chew contains 25mg of premium CBD and a burst of fruity flavor. HX3 CBD Performance Chews are beloved by athletes – CBD can reduce recovery time after workouts, relieve discomfort from sports injuries, and ease joint or muscle pain. Each jar contains four delicious fruit-based flavors.

Questions about our CBD wellness products? Don't hesitate to get in touch with our helpful representatives today!