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When your flavor mission requires the most precise multifaceted expert concentrates, look to the master. On your journey for exquisite taste, follow no one and blaze your own uncharted path using the expert quality of Mastery Flavor Concentrates. Surpass your own expectations and choose from any of our meticulously designed flavors so you can execute each masterpiece with quality and excellence.

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Bottle Size 10ml
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Flavor concentrates are intended for the consumer that wants to create custom flavoring. Our products boast superb, high quality flavor profiles for the adventurous vape juice flavor mixologist. These concentrates can be enjoyed as pure flavors individually or try mixing two or more together. Not every palate is the same so feel free to embrace your creative side and experiment with various combinations to create a unique, multi-flavored blend with our premium flavor concentrates.

Bottle Size: 10ml

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Melon Berry

Buttered Maple

Spearmint Slash

BlueRazz Brawl

Strawberry Coolada

Sweet Menthol

Assassins Tobacco

Pina Colada

Peachy Mango