WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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  • DOSE+ Disposable CBD Vape Device
    DOSE+ Disposable CBD Vape Device Ultra-6
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CBD Disposable Pens, Devices, Terpene & Pre-Filled Tanks

If you want to experience the satisfaction of vaping but don't have the time or desire to set up your own mod or device, CBD disposables deliver the convenience and quality you want.

Our curated line of disposables offers an excellent introduction to the benefits of CBD. Whether you prefer unflavored vapes or flavor-enhanced products, our line of disposable CBD options lets you customize your experience. Simple to use and easy to enjoy on the go, CBD disposables offer a no-muss, no-fuss option for both experienced cloud chasers and novice vapers. Vaprzon offers several CBD disposable options, including disposable CBD vape pens and disposable CBD vape tanks from some of the industry's premier manufacturers. Here’s a breakdown of our CBD disposables:

• DOSE+ Disposable CBD Vape Device: All you have to do is inhale -- our exceptional CBD formulation does the rest! eLite offers the DOSE+ disposable device -- completely charged and already filled with our broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, or isolate CBD so you can enjoy the mood-boosting effects right out of the package. Always 100% THC-free, the DOSE+ comes in a wide variety of delicious flavors made from all-natural ingredients. Highly convenient and ready-to-go, just inhale and enjoy!

• eLite Terpenes Mood Booster Disposable Vape Pen: No need to fill; no need to charge – you just inhale and let the premium CBD blend do the rest. eLite offers this next-generation CBD vape pen with a custom terpene blend that will change the way you enjoy CBD. This mood-enhancing CBD extract offers an enhanced entourage effect that supports overall wellness in a quick-release formula.

• Halo CBD Tank (Custom Terpene Blend): Halo offers a proprietary CBD formula that provides an enhanced experience and convenient delivery system. By adding terpenes and a proprietary mixture of CBD to our full spectrum CBD formulation, we are able to deliver an optimized entourage effect. Using hemp extract that is both highly concentrated and crystal resistant means no need for carrier oils that weaken CBD and cause tanks to crystallize before emptying. We engineer our daytime blend of terpenes to help you stay focused, energetic, and productive during the day. It helps support easier and more restful sleep, as well as overall relaxation during the night.

• Space-X CBD Plus Custom Terpene Blend Pre-Filled Tank: Every vape from Space-X delivers a harmonious cannabidiol interaction that enhances the CBD experience and leaves you feeling your absolute best. These formulas work quickly by combining high-quality full-spectrum CBD with a special blend of terpenes. Hemp extract is highly concentrated and resistant to crystallization, which means carrier oils were not used in any way. VG, PG, and MCT are carrier oils that can reduce CBD effectiveness. Because of this, tanks often crystallize before the CBD has been absorbed. The daytime terpene blend can support an added boost of focus, energy, and motivation. With the nighttime formula, you will fall asleep more quickly, get a better night's sleep, and achieve a sense of general relaxation.

Vaprzon is proud to offer the latest technological innovations in vape devices and CBD disposables. Our lightweight products are ready to use right out of the box and do not require additional accessories.

We founded Vaprzon to support small manufacturers who strive to achieve big things. Whether you're looking for smoking cessation tools, great CBD products, or a wide variety of wellness products, Vaprzon provides the very best offerings from some of the most respected and innovative manufacturers in the United States. If you need help deciding which products are right for your lifestyle, budget, and preferences, please don't hesitate to contact our team of dedicated customer support professionals for guidance. We are always more than happy to make your experience exceptional.