Vaprzon Multi Pack

Try a selection of our top CBD flavors and brands with our CBD Try it Boxes. Available in Vape or Tincture.

Vape Box 1 Flavors: SYNC Purple Haze (Isolate), Daily Grind Chai Latte (Broad Spectrum), Iceland Northern Lights (Isolate), Lucid Moonstruck (Broad Spectrum)
Vape Box 2 Flavors: Cali Dreams San Francisco Treat (Broad Spectrum), Siren Mazu (Isolate), Happy Hour Original Mojito (Full Spectrum), Fizzy Bubbler Root Beer (Isolate)
Tincture Box 1 Flavors: Pacific Potion Pine-Nana (Isolate), HX3 Chocolate Cream (Isolate), Daily Grind Café Con Leche (Broad Spectrum), Spiro Mint (Full Spectrum)
Tincture Box 2 Flavors: Pacific Potion Apple-Berry (Isolate), HX3 Banana Nut (Isolate), Daily Grind Mocha Frappé (Broad Spectrum), Spiro Citrus (Full Spectrum)

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CBD Try it Box

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